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About LGD

  Laurie Gentry’s fascination with graphic design began early. Some of her earliest memories are of painting scenes on small, smooth stones she found near her home in south Alabama where she was born.


  “Those colorful images represented everything I knew!” she recalls with a smile. “The sun, the moon, our family, playthings, the weather, scenes of a 3-year-old’s excitement and sorrows. It was my ‘world,’ as I perceived it at that young age.”

  Her father, Bill, a talented artist, started teaching Laurie the principles of design in childhood. By her teenage years, Laurie was helping produce all kinds of marketing materials for their family musical troupe who traveled the U.S. playing Folk and Gospel music in small, intimate venues and at large festival events drawing thousands. Eventually their journey led them to Carnegie Hall where they headlined a night of “Families in Folk Music” in 1992.

  “Though I loved my music years, even then, I was always more drawn to the promotion and marketing side of the business. I’ve always had a passion for communicating a message through effective design,” Gentry says.

  After marriage and a move to Many, Louisiana in 2006, Gentry decided to get a degree in journalism from nearby Northwestern State University. Once again, the degree’s design requirements captured her heart over all other areas of study. 


  “At my core, I’m a creator,” Gentry shared. “I love ‘before and after!’ To me, there is nothing more satisfying than taking the raw elements of an idea - something that exists only in the mind - and transforming it into a tangible, polished product. It simply doesn’t get any better than that!”

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